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    Check these websites out for more info on some of Paul's companies:




    Paul is a five-time, international-best-selling, and award-winning author, on marketing, sales, branding, personal development and more. Details below in online store.




    Paul is an award-winning public speaker and is available for events worldwide. He speaks on business, personal development, motivation, and inspiration. For more information about his programs, please visit:


    Recording Artist

    Paul is primarily a vocalist, but he also plays drums, bass, writes and produces. More info coming soon. In the meantime, click on the following links:

    www.Amazon.com www.Soundcloud.com



    Paul is an enthusiastic supporter of Leyna Nguyen's Love Across The Ocean and sponsors many deserving children and families in need in Vietnam. LATO is a 501c3 and is a very worthy charity.



    Paul has other irons in the fire and we will be posting updates as they come.

    Check out my new Vegetarian Lifestyle page here! It's brand new, so there's not much there yet! Check back often for updates!

  • About Paul

    "Get to know the man by learning how he invests his free time."

    ~Paul Edgewater


    When not working, you'll find Paul riding one of his motorcycles, working out, spending time at the beach, reading, writing, shooting, recording music, boating & making connections with amazing people. Paul is an aviation, history and architecture buff, animal lover, horologist & fitness enthusiast with three marathons under his belt (a belt he recently tightened very much). Paul is proud of losing 40 pounds and keeping it off. Details on the methodology of his weight loss/management success coming soon!

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    What people are saying about Paul Edgewater

    Brian Tracy

    New York Times best selling author of over 70 books and World famous business coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and success expert.

    "Paul Edgewater is one of the most creative marketing impresarios in the United States today. He's come up with ideas and techniques that are really quite extraordinary!"

    ~Brian Tracy

    Carl Paoli

    Feature Film and Television Stuntman and acclaimed artist, pictured here on the left doubling Patrick Dempsey and with director Michael Bay on the set of Transformers.

    "My career and income tripled as a result of one of Paul's pep talks. I now have the exact amount of work I want. No more. No less."

    Anthony Robbins

    Entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist and world authority on leadership psychology.

    "Wow! That's amazing! Can I have a copy of that??"*

    *Upon hearing a reading of one of Paul's written profundities while together in Fiji.

    Tom Hopkins

    Master sales trainer, speaker, coach and New York Times Best-Selling Autor of Author of "How To Master The Art Of Selling" and the "The Official Guide To Success."

    “Enjoyed reading ... still learning after all these years!”

    *On Paul's chapter in Amazon-Best Selling, "In It To Win It," co-authored with Tom Hopkins.

    Lana Asanin

    “Paul Edgewater’s marketing ideas are smart, creative, and very original! Everything he does is perfection!”

    Lisa Lockwood

    The Reinvention Expert, SWAT officer, detective, USAF Veteran, author, speaker, media contributor, author of "Undercover Angel."

    "It's rare to find an entrepreneur who can maintain passion & enthusiasm in their business five years let alone twenty! Paul Edgewater is one of those rarities who eclipses his competitors not only through his consistently outstanding service offering but his desire to truly make his clients feel as if they're royalty. I highly recommend all of Paul Edgewater's business books as well as his company Busy Bee Promotions.”

    Les Brown

    Legendary Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach and Author at Les Brown Enterprises, LLC

    “When you speak Paul, people hear your heart”

    Lisa Lieberman-Wang

    Founder and CEO of Fine To Fab, Relationship and Emotional Breakthrough Expert and best-selling author of "Fine To Fab."

    "Paul Edgewater is masterful at what he does. After perseverating over the right message and how to present it to my target market, I reached out to him and within hours, we accomplished more than I did in the prior months. With one brainstorming session he helped me craft the exact thing I do and that is “Help You Become Your Own Best Friend!” Brilliant!”

    Nick Nanton

    5-time Emmy winning director, best selling author and CEO of Dicks & Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency.

    "Paul is one of the smartest people I know. He always has the best ideas for grassroots promotions. If you're looking for someone to take you business to a whole new level, Paul is your guy!”


    Take a look and enjoy!

    A little backstory on me, Busy Bee Promotions and what we do.

    Interview with Gregg Rollete on Times Square Today in NYC

    How to become more successful with your business & take it to the next level!

    Interview with David Laroche in Chicago, IL (40 pounds ago!)

    Paul Edgewater Sizzle Reel

    Footage from over the years

    We Are An Army Of One

    Hosted and moderated by Paul Edgewater

    In the Summer of 2012, street artist " Screwtape" Paoli started shadowing street art activist " Army Of One" Jef Campion.

    Paoli chose Army Of One because he was not in the game for gallery visibility, sales or personal recognition. His cause was much greater. To bring awareness to the safety and care of children everywhere.

    After Jef's passing in early 2014, Paoli started assembling thousands of hours of footage of that summer only to uncover all the personal hidden pain and suffering Jef endured while working full time as a fire fighter, 911 responder and a full time volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.

    Jef unapologetically takes us into his world. Not only exposing his life long demons but he shows us a close up glimpse of how he gave his greatest efforts using the illegal medium of street art to open up the world's eyes to it's most valuable treasure. Our children.


    Check out Paul's new page on the Vegetarian Lifestyle, for delicious recipes and tips for vegetarians!

    Paul has been a vegetarian for 34 years and he's now sharing his tips on the Vegetarian lifestyle!

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