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    Stay Tuned For An All-New South Beats Miami in 2023!
  • Latest Book

    "You Could If You Would

    101 Quotes On Taking Action & Giving Pause"

    Bite-sized wisdom for people on the go!

    Copyright 2019 Paul Edgewater/All Rights Reserved


    A collection of original quotes by Paul Edgewater spanning 35 years. He shares his views on business, achievement, life philosophies, faith, overcoming personal loss, and not giving up. Paul has been a committed student of personal development since the early 1980s and shares his views on free will and determinism in a very uplifting and inspiring way. All at once, practical, motivational, inspirational, and contemplative with the occasional touch of whimsy. This book is appropriate for readers of all ages and all walks of life.


    50% of proceeds benefiting:




    What Readers Are Saying:


    This book has been a huge inspiration to me...

    ...The book was given to me as a gift right when I was going through many changes in my life. It helped me to view life differently and also helped me to make important decisions in my life. Thank you, Paul, for the empathy and vision you had at the moment of writing each passage in your book!



    Great book with much inspiration!

    I received this book as a gift and really enjoyed it cover to cover. It has many areas of inspiration that make you stop, take a breath, and really think. I bookmarked a few pages of my favorite quotes. I am happy to recommend this book and consider giving it as a gift to friends!



    Feel-good quotes

    Perfect pick-me-up book for whenever you need some words of encouragement.



    Got goals? Looking for some motivation? Get THIS book!

    I'm a personal development junkie, so this kind of book gets my attention right away. What I didn't expect was a mirror to hold up and see what I was letting stand in the way of accomplishing my goals. Nor did I expect a format that lets me read Paul's quote on one page, form my own thoughts and then turn the page to get his explanation, insight, or punch line. Oh, and by the way, Paul’s words are stark against a white space that he encourages me to use for my own musings. Now this book is a journal! Want to get the lead out and accomplish your goals? Read this book!



    Buy this book, and don’t just read it…contemplate it. It will make your life better.

    This is a book that truly makes you pause and think. Sad to say, but the truth is I rarely read the introductions in books. But for some reason, I read it in this book. It is very moving. It is inspiring. It proves that even though the odds are against you, you have the power to make something of yourself. Rather than take the easy way out and make excuses, you can make choices that lead you down a better path. This book is full of thought-provoking quotes. But my favorite is the very first quote. How true, Paul’s comment…same words, big difference in meaning. Buy this book, and don’t just read it…contemplate it. It will make your life better.



    By far the best book I’ve read all year!

    (...and I read a lot of books)

    Condensing decades of success into digestible mind candy, this book of quotes is a hidden gem. 💎

    Designed for reading ease, to be written in, and re-read. This sucker’s layered! 📚

    Taking action!

    Giving pause...

    Highly personal 🙏



    This book delivers what it promises - insight, introspection, and motivation

    I’ve been a fan of Paul Edgewater ever since I experienced his motivational lecture via a business event that had him as a guest speaker, representing Busy Bee Promotions. I still, to this day, have his book and quote card prominently displayed and readily available for reference at any time. I have followed him for years, always sourcing his words of wisdom and guidance, and interpreting it at my level, and applying that newfound knowledge to whatever it was I was building upon. Fast forward to now: Mr. Edgewater has written a book that, to me, is so profound—not only in its timing but of its current, in-the-now, look-inside-yourself era that we collectively are experiencing in 2019.
    When I read the title—instantly, I had an “Aha!” moment. And I hadn’t even turned the cover yet! Not even past the foreword, I was emboldened and already reaching out to someone whom I’d had a disagreement with—because the instantaneous message I received from the title was my motivation. Then I got past the Foreward, on into the Preface, and then the Introduction—I was feeling a deeper knowledge of ME—and I haven’t even gotten to the quotes yet at this point!
    To the author: Thank you for the insight. Thank you for sharing your endless, soulful gift of personal motivation and empowerment to the masses. Please know that the person and I that I had the disagreement with have since reconciled—and I owe it to your book for the opportunity to give pause [to come to the realization], take action, and “right the wrong.” I will be eternally grateful.



    The Perfect Start To Our Day!

    This book was a wonderful addition to our staff's morning meetings! Each day we received a quote that motivated and inspired our staff to maximize our potential professionally and personally. This is an amazing tool to utilize if you're seeking to boost office morale. Highly recommend.



    The information is universal and will never be obsolete as long as people exist.

    The author shares his early life experiences when the book begins. For this reader, the information validates his expertise in what follows.

    "You Could If You Would" is an entertaining way to look at life. I highly recommend it.
    The writing is brief yet provocative, precise yet open-ended, and far-reaching yet easy to grasp. The format of presenting an idea, then inviting the reader to engage is a twist for this kind of book. Anyone who can read can take advantage of what Paul Edgewater has to say.



    Click Here To Visit Amazon.com To Read Reviews & To Make A Purchase!

    Remember 50% Of Proceeds Benefit Charity!



  • Resources

    Follower of Jesus | Philanthropist | Businessman | Author | Speaker | Recording Artist 

    Follower of Jesus

    We all need short-term goals that we accomplish in life (which is usually far too short). More importantly, though, we need long-term goals about where we spend our afterlife (which is for eternity). Make the decision to confess your sins, repent and follow Jesus. Click below for resources.



    Paul is an enthusiastic supporter of Leyna Nguyen's Love Across The Ocean and sponsors many deserving children and families in need in Vietnam. LATO is a 501(c)(3) and is a very worthy charity.




    Check these websites out for more info on some of Paul's companies:






    Paul is a five-time, international-best-selling, and award-winning author, on marketing, sales, branding, personal development, and more. 




    Paul is an award-winning public speaker. He speaks on salvation, inspiration, personal development, fitness mindset, sales, marketing, and branding business skills.


    Scroll down to see some of Paul's talks below.

    Recording Artist

    Paul has been a recording artist since his teenage years.

    Check out his latest singles on iTunes 

    Other material is available at the following:




    New project launching soon: www.crushvelour.com

  • Buzz

    What some cool people are saying about Paul

    Brian Tracy

    New York Times best-selling author of over 70 books and World famous business coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and success expert.

    "Paul Edgewater is one of the most creative marketing impresarios in the United States today. He's come up with ideas and techniques that are really quite extraordinary!"

    Anthony Robbins

    Entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, and world authority on leadership psychology.

    "Wow! That's amazing! Can I have a copy of that??"*

    *Upon hearing a reading of one of Paul's profundities while together in Fiji. Pictured here, Tony & Sage mixing it up backstage with Paul in Palm Springs.

    Leyna Nguyen

    Five-time Emmy award-winning journalist
    Anchor at CBS Los Angeles 1997-2018

    "The beauty of Paul Edgewater is that while he has much to share, he comes from the school of “I have much to learn.” And it’s that innate hunger for knowledge and humble approach that makes his ideas reliable—as they come from experience and not mere word-crafting.​”

    Make sure to read Leyna's foreword in Paul's latest book!

    Carl Paoli

    SAG Feature Film and Television Stuntman and acclaimed artist, pictured here on the left doubling Patrick Dempsey and with director Michael Bay on the set of Transformers.

    "My career and income tripled as a result of one of Paul's pep talks. I now have the exact amount of work I want. No more. No less."

    Frank Kern

    One of the most sought-after Direct Response internet marketing consultants and copywriters on the planet.

    "That before and after is amazing, man. I need to up my game!”*


    *On Paul's amazing weight loss & physical transformation

    Lana Asanin

    “Paul Edgewater’s marketing ideas are smart, creative, and very original! Everything he does is perfection!”

    Fab Morvan

    International Recording Artist, Formally Of Millie Vanilli.

    "My brother spreading the knowledge. This is a focused man! He means business!”

    Lisa Lockwood

    The Reinvention Expert, SWAT officer, detective, USAF Veteran, author, speaker, media contributor, and author of "Undercover Angel."

    "It's rare to find an entrepreneur who can maintain passion & enthusiasm in their business five years, let alone over twenty! Paul Edgewater is one of those rarities who eclipses his competitors not only through his consistently outstanding service offering but his desire to truly make his clients feel as if they're royalty. I highly recommend all of Paul Edgewater's books and his company, Busy Bee Promotions.”

    Les Brown

    Legendary Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Author at Les Brown Enterprises, LLC

    “When you speak Paul, people hear your heart!”

    Lisa Lieberman-Wang

    Founder and CEO of Fine To Fab, Relationship and Emotional Breakthrough Expert and best-selling author of "Fine To Fab."

    "Paul Edgewater is masterful at what he does. After perseverating over the right message and how to present it to my target market, I reached out to him, and within hours, we accomplished more than I did in the prior months. With one brainstorming session, he helped me craft the exact thing I do, and that is “Help You Become Your Own Best Friend!” Brilliant!”

    Nick Nanton

    15-time Emmy-winning director, best-selling, author, and CEO of Dicks & Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency.

    "Paul is one of the smartest people I know. He always has the best ideas for grassroots promotions. If you're looking for someone to take your business to a whole new level, Paul is your guy!”


    Contact us today to book Paul to address your group or organization.

    You Could If You Would

    An impactful & engaging talk based on Paul's book of the same title.
    Now that Paul's new book is a huge hit, people and organizations have asked for a talk based on it, and Paul delivers with his engaging new series! Paul shares his thoughts on business, achievement, life philosophies, faith, overcoming personal loss, and not giving up. Paul has been a committed student of personal development since the early 1980s and shares his views on free will and determinism in a very uplifting and inspiring way. All at once, practical, motivational, inspirational, and contemplative with the occasional touch of whimsy. This talk will do for your group what the subtitle says, inspire and motivate action, balanced with thoughtful reflection. The format can include a workshop, and Q & A. Reach out for details.


    Up to 100 FREE books are provided to attendees!
    Paul will sign books and stay for one hour after his talk for photo ops!
    When speaking for a house of worship,
    Paul will tithe 10% back to the church or chosen charity.


    50% of Paul's speaking fees in this series will benefit LATO

    Marketing & Selling In The Retail Grocery Space

    On driving consumer trial & converting samples into sales
    Paul is the nation's leading expert in sample-to-sales conversions by driving consumer trial in the grocery store/supermarket environment. His company, Busy Bee Promotions, Inc., conducts thousands of in-store demos per month. Clients big and small, start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, seek his expertise in converting their sampling efforts into sales. Have Paul train your team on the best demo-selling methods in the grocery store/supermarket environment, which offers unique challenges and amazing opportunities. Take advantage of his many decades of sales experience and have your team learn the same skills that his team uses to convert samples into sales at twice the industry average. His lively presentation will energize your team and create amazing and lasting results! His teaching style will include workshops, role-playing and real-life examples learned from the trenches. Be prepared to take many notes, have fun and sell out!

    The Influence Of Branded Vehicles

    Get your business or cause on the road--successfully
    If your business has a fleet of vehicles, give that fleet another role; marketing your products and/or services while on the road (or parked)! In this informative program, Paul will share his experiences in the dynamic industry of branded vehicles (graphic wraps, experiential marketing, mobile platforms, etc.). He shares best practices learned on the road to his own success with examples of vehicles he and his company designed and built out for Fortune 100 companies like Starbucks, AT&T, and Coca-Cola. Your eyes will be opened to the opportunity to realize a higher R.O.I. than any other advertising medium— even if your company's fleet comprises just one vehicle. Topics covered: What types of vehicles make the best candidates for branding your product(s)/service(s). Dos and don'ts with creative and copy. Which surfaces on the vehicle should communicate which messaging. And so much more! Paul is pictured here with one of his designs for illy ready-to-drink coffee.

    Classic Selling Techniques

    Close the deal!
    In 2014, Steve Forbes' publisher selected Paul to write the chapter on sales for Forbes' latest book, and there's a good reason for that. Paul has been selling his entire professional life, takes his craft very seriously, and has the track record to prove it. This lively and dynamic program will remind your sales team how SIMPLE selling really is without glossing over the fact that it isn't EASY. Sometimes your sales force gets overwhelmed with new presentation and closing techniques and the latest technologies designed to streamline processes. That's all fine, but Paul advocates practicing the basics of sales before getting too fancy. Without a foundation of the fundamentals, the new techniques collapse. Paul's successes in sales include careers in outside and inside sales, automobiles, home improvements, display advertising, premium vacuum cleaners, and radio time sales. Nowadays, he sells his current company's marketing services to clients from startups to Fortune 100 firms, with a closing ratio north of 50% on cold leads and countless millions in revenue. Paul keeps this talk interesting with role-playing, colorful anecdotes, and funny experiences learned from over 40 years in the trenches.

    The Dropout Success Academy

    Being resourceful when we have few resources
    In this deeply personal talk, Paul tells the story of his unlikely success; from being an out of control, high school dropout, to owning multimillion-dollar marketing firm, Busy Bee Promotions, Inc., with Fortune 100 firms as clients; a journey decades in the making and built on the concepts of personal development. His inspirational message will motivate your audience to achieve successe beyond what they may think or believe is possible and give them the tools and mindset to stay the course. Your group will be entertained by Paul's humorous stories of learning things the hard way and celebrating the victories that business people and entrepreneurs will appreciate, yet this talk is appropriate for all groups. Paul can relate to anyone from at-risk youths to seasoned CEOs, with a powerful message that shines a light on all of the options and opportunities available to anyone willing to put in the effort to make the most of their lives, embrace personal development and take responsibility for their actions and decisions. It's never too late to succeed.
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